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Remember the overwhelming sense of happiness, joy, and giddiness that would flood your senses when you would walk into a candy shop when you were little? Well, you can relive that feeling when you enter Spicer’s Naturals. Replace the candy with spices, teas, unique pantry items like infused olive oils and vinegars, or silky smooth mustards from France and you are at Spicer’s Naturals.


Opened in early 2020, on Chestnut street in Ridgewood, NJ, Spicer’s Naturals offers a variety of over 60 teas, more than 100 spices, herbs, blends, peppers, and salts from around the world. We are also truly a candy shop where you can find delicious in-house made Belgian chocolates, candied nuts, and other freshly baked goods made with only the best ingredients. Decadent and nostalgic, these homemade sweets will always leave you wanting more. 


We are on a mission to inspire you to be creative in the kitchen and to provide you with the perfect tea to soothe your soul. 

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